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Campaigns – Mogading Community and Anglo Plats

The BMF has been involved in an undertaking by Anglo Plat to engage in a more meaningful way with the Magobading community in Limpopo to improve conditions in the community…

Mogading Community and Anglo Plats (52kb)

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed April 2010 between the Bench Marks Foundation and Anglo Platinum Limited…

A Memorandum of Understanding (1.6Mb)

Behaviour of Anglo Platinum Officials in Magobading Community Limpopo South Africa…

A Letter to Ms. Cynthia Carroll (148Kb)

On 15 March 2010 the relocated community of Magobading met in the relocated community hall to discuss some of the unhappiness caused by Anglo Platinum…

Magobading Meeting (1.96Mb)

Campaigns – Church Leaders Call for Responsible Investment

Rt. Rev. Dr. Jo Seoka

Download a copy of the Church Leaders Call for Responsible Investment (.pdf)

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The Church Leaders Call for Responsible Investment

The aim of the Church Leaders Call for Responsible Investment is firstly to develop a common perspective among church leaders on what is responsible investment and secondly to serve as a tool to forge a broad based campaign of church leaders, leaders of other religious faiths and other civil society organisations for investment that serves the needs of people.

The Church Leaders Call is a living and growing document. We call on leaders and organisations to study the call made here and propose amendments and additions for a future revision.

The Bench Marks Foundation will be convening a conference in 2012 where we will adopt a revised version and launch an Africa-wide campaign for responsible investment.
Given the role of the private sector under apartheid the churches in 1993 became concerned about the role of business in a new South Africa along with a concern about South African business expansion into Africa. The question was: Would business respect human rights, promote human dignity, development and sustainable practices?

The churches felt that this might not be the case and called for a code of conduct to govern business, now called the Church Leaders Call for Responsible Investment. This Call is in line with the churches’ belief in human dignity and that people control their destiny. It is also based on the belief that land, air, water and ecosystems are placed in our care to nurture and use responsibly and safeguard for future life. The Call speaks to the ultimate command: “love they neighbour as they self”.

Campaigns – Mining and Community Engagement Principles

It is clear that the impacts (both good and bad) of mining begin before a mine is even established and does not disappear with the closure of a mine. The Bench Marks Foundation believes that the mining sector must engage with the communities in which they operate from the inception of a mine to the closure of a mine…

Mining and Community Engagement (25.8Kb)